Red Milk

The looping video Red Milk is reminiscent of the division of a cell, the beauty of the course of events, fascinating as fractals and the metamorphosis of a caterpillar. But also it remind us of our...
  • Red Milk - pigment in milk - gif version

Drawpad interpretation

Here's a 3D interpretation of a drawing found on our drawpad, while the 3D scene is initially made for the rendered still below, it's also fascinating, - not only, but mostly from a technical point...
  • 3D rendered image, interpretation of a drawing made on our drawpad
  • Printscreen of the drawpad app showing the image that inspired the 3D interpration

Works made at Frans Masereel Centrum

EN After our studies Painting at KASK Gent, we started working on a visual oeuvre where the individual manifesto disappeared in the background. Even now, we still think the question "Who is the...
  • Chine-collé
  • Wacom Inkling
  • Dry Stamp
  • Standing figures
  • Standing figures - detail
  • Questioning
  • Pore over
  • Pore over - detail
  • Child
  • Man
  • Man - detail
  • Silkscreen at FMC
  • Catch
  • Catch detail


We've done an artist in residence in Frans Masereel Centrum, thanks to Vladimir Ivaneanu of the Ivaneanu Company - and his project 'Apportunity' These are the entry works we...
  • Scape wire, digital montage, inktjetprint mounted on top of Vladimirs print
  • Steam & Scape wire
  • Steam, montage with works out of the apportunity box
  • The apportunity box