This website is no longer actively maintained and serves as an archive for works made in the collaborative project "Jon & Ibe" between 2006 - 2016

360° videoloop installation

Nature, landscapes, constructed pictures, tautology, recycling and sampling; this sort of imagery that adds an extended momentum to the present perception are subjects that stick with us throughout most of our works.

As in a desire to extend the time a viewer will spend looking at a still image, looping videos seem to be the answer. In order to show some of these we have made a large scale installation in which the viewer is surrounded by large screens. The sound of some of these films grow together, shifting and mixing as you look around.

In the 360° video below you can look around and see a selection of 5 films/loops we created since 2009.

Equirectangular 360° view of the installation
View of the videoloop installation
View of the videoloop installation
GIF of the videoloop installation