This website is no longer actively maintained and serves as an archive for works made in the collaborative project "Jon & Ibe" between 2006 - 2016



The drawpad on our site is a tool that allows different people to draw simultaneously on the same 'canvas'. Since discovering this way of visual communication, collaborative drawing, we've been experimenting with various other ways of collaboration, sampling, copyright, status etc. Through trial and error we continue to walk on this thin line between originality, authenticity and copy.

Little did we know that this tool - not made by us - after +8 years would still be on-line. Luckily we can still embed it in our website. Downside it's an Adobe Flash application, which is a no go for mobile platforms.

The internet has changed the artistic possibilities, by means of a platform for exhibiting, discovering, meeting and learning. Through the years we've seen many new technologies rise and fall on the world wide web. And while our on-line lives are spied upon, controlled by advertising, harassed by short and shallow top ten lists that you must see in less than thirty seconds - there is a whole universe of knowledge, freely accessible for those with access to internet. Open source soft- and hardware are becoming a standard building block for many companies, crowdsourcing has created opportunities unprecedented by anything we've seen. And while all this new stuff is finding it's balance between openness and sustainability, we as artists, and all other fellow citizens of the internet-age can reap the benefits.


Read the rest of the text and have a look at a drawing interpreted in 3D at this page: