This website is no longer actively maintained and serves as an archive for works made in the collaborative project "Jon & Ibe" between 2006 - 2016

Fall - Why?

a 9/11 inspired movie / We build a 'machine' which showed a loop from one of the people jumping ...
This video has gotten a lot of traffic from all kinds of people, trolls, etc ... Up until 1/10/2013 it has had 481135 views, 177 likes and 836 dislikes - For not having to answer every death threat, we put this description on Youtube:

To the agitated viewers:
Try and answer this: why do we want to see these images?
Yes it's 'sick', it's not a joke, it's a form of criticism, consider that.
It's the strenght of an image; the moment you saw this the first time on tv, imagine that moment lasting forever, over and over again, that's what this is about ... The sublime: read Schiller, Burke, Kant,... they know more about it ...

Here's one comment illustrating the misunderstanding:

marisaghr "oh my god what is this? why would anyone take the time to make a close-up of a murder victim and turn it into a "movie"? this man was MURDERED!!! and you think that just because you didnt know this person that its okay to turn his death into some kind of entertainment? what about his family? if this was my husband or father or son or brother or ANYTHING i would lose my mind!"
why cant we show some respect?

And this was our response:

"This video has a description, did you read it? As a young artist I was baffled by this image, a few years later I was still astound by the emotions and conflicts this photo and the other surrounding imagery imposed on the mind. The question for me remains: why do we want to see the pictures of this horrible event? Part of the answer lies within the fact that it confronts us with a profound fear for the unknown, the intangible. This work tries to emphasize that fact."