This website is no longer actively maintained and serves as an archive for works made in the collaborative project "Jon & Ibe" between 2006 - 2016

Sisyphus, the frog

The image of this frog which almost vainly tries to escape the artificial world, is reminiscent of Sisyphus. He had gotten the eternal punishment to push a heavy boulder up a steep hill, only to watch it roll back down into the depths. The gods punished him because he had tried to circumvent their laws, and thus nature.
The HD quality allows the viewer very close to the frog. The video shows the unease of the frog exposed to the artificial, blue-green polyester imitation of him otherwise so familiar surroundings. The synchronization with the music makes it a bit painfully lighter to watch. Yma Sumac's 'Chuncho' makes it seem as if the frog is consenting in this circus act which we make him perform.
For this video we used the song Chuncho [forest creatures] by Yma Sumac. As we were uncertain whether or not we could just use it without permission, we contacted Damon Devine, former assistant to Yma Sumac and webmaster of He ensured us that we could go ahead with the video:

"Yma Sumac's foreign (non-U.S.) copyright to music from her 6 Capitol records recordings expired in 2009. So her music is now Public Domain in most countries. Also..since she passed away...she clearly won't need the money!".

Mr. Damon Devine furthermore suggested that:

"She loved nature and animals and she would have thought the video was great."